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It’s Your Money,                                         It’s Your Choice,                                          It’s Your Voice,                                         All Opinions Counts,                                         Especially Yours.


The Opportunity Is to Communicate:

For All Of The Shareholders

The Board Of Directors

Management Company



The Input Of  Everyone Is Very Important

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The Voice

Interactive Website

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This interactive website  is created exclusively for the Shareholders

Of The Jamaicaway Tower & Town Houses.

For the purpose is to improve communications between

Board of the Directors, Management Company and the Shareholders.

As a Shareholder you reserved a right to ask a direct questions and

Have a direct answers & explanations about any decision being made

Regarding Your Home & Investment.

The concerns are; our Budget, Spending and Managing.

The Board of the Directors and Management Company

Have a Legal, Moral Obligations & Responsibilities

For the decisions they make  and actions take for all of us.

For the Instructions How to Become a Member Please  Click Here